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Star Brownpenpalclub
Christian singles an married

Group Founder: koolide
Description: Come and join a group that need a christian date ,meet ur mate share ur scripture pics wallpaper,any idea of christian fellowship are welcome chat ur heart content. Email address welcome god bless u all
Group Type: Public join
Members: 30
Category: Your City/Region > North America

Topics (11)

go Who is coming first ? (4) mtgirl
Do u know who comes first, Christ or the anit christ ? And how can u tell ?

go Is your foundation strong (0) koolide
God wont us to haue a foundation that strong that will not fall matt7-24-25 an not a weak 1 matt7-26-27

go 2 gates (0) koolide
Matt 7-13-14 which 1 will you enter awake up an see 13 enter ye in at the strait gate:for wide is the gate,and board is the way,that leadeth to destruction,and many there be whichgo in thereat:14 beca...

go Are u saued (0) koolide
Haue u ask jesus to come in ur life an read the following acts2-,john 3rd chaper,mattew3-16may god bless u an beready for jesus iscoming soon

go Loue thou neighbor (3) koolide
Greeting unto u come an make friends

go Are u ready for the lordcomin? (2) koolide
Greeting to eueryone that read are u ready we dont know the day r hour so repent of ursin an be ready

go circles (2) jchola
many times we spent our time going around cirles. lets spead our tym n energy to reach pipo tht really need salvation.

go Merry christmas (0) koolide
lets rejoice that over 2000yrs ago our savior was born an lets giue him our gift of loue by liuing a rewarding life doing his will by lifting up a gift of praise

go an arrow (1) jchola
sometimes we feel God is not using us bt alway remember a hunter uses his best arrows wen real need arises. u r his best

go Thankgiving (0) koolide
We have a lot to be thankfull for i thank god for saluantion. For my family an friends.

go Hello! (5) rider13
Hi, thanks for inviting me to your group of 2! pmpl.gif I guess we are more or less neighbors, at least compared to most of my buds here at prodigits who are all over the world!

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