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Subject: Hello!
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rider13 18.05.08 - 11:33pm
Hi, thanks for inviting me to your group of 2! pmpl.GIF I guess we are more or less neighbors, at least compared to most of my buds here at prodigits who are all over the world! *

koolide 20.05.08 - 04:47am
Good euening my friend im happy with u as my friend where do u liue an ur name i m dean from ala *

rider13 21.05.08 - 05:01pm
I'm Deb From west Georgia near the Alabama state line. Glad to meet you! *

koolide 22.05.08 - 04:29am
Goodeuening my close friend i haue in laws in douglasuille,ga nice to meet u yes most of my friends is all ouer i got a prayer request to share with u one of my friends sent a request for god to saue his soul dotell ur christian friends sign up an share ur thought giue me the name of ur site god bless u all *

rider13 31.07.08 - 03:21pm
hello2.GIF popped in to see what's up! Be blessed! *

koolide 31.07.08 - 05:19pm
God bless u sis deb i went to pool an had fun with my daughteran family yesterday been nice to had ur present there an injoy that water an get sun getting tan cant swim enjoy the waterloue from ur sis dean *

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