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Subject: Loue thou neighbor
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koolide 20.05.08 - 05:15am
Greeting unto u come an make friends *

carla48 19.01.09 - 03:38am
Hi sis dean! its a wonderful priviledge 2 be here again. To care, 2 share, 2 inspire and 2 encourage each other. We all needs 2 have friends because we do need each other. No man is an island, no man stands alone *

carla48 19.01.09 - 04:01am
I really love this topic, because love is the key! We need 2 live love and walk in love, only then will our lives be enriched and fulfilled as we reach out 2 each other in love and let our lives be a blessing. So lets spread z love and share in z joys that it brings. *

koolide 19.01.09 - 04:26am
Glory to god my sister it so goodto see the ones that getting the love of god an share with other the truth take care an god speed *

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