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Subject: Who is coming first ?
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mtgirl 7.02.09 - 11:24pm
Do u know who comes first, Christ or the anit christ ? And how can u tell ? *

carla48 20.02.09 - 04:47pm
Hi every1! Its a wonderful privilege 2 be here again as z bible says where 2 or 3 are gathered in his name he'll be there 2 bless us n do us gud. The antichrist will come first, matt.24:5 said that many will come in christ name sayin that they r christ n will deceive many. So we need 2 be on our double watch and look out 4 z antichrist. We need 2 be on z alert by fasting n prayin n being on z alert 4 our adversary z devil is abt like a roaring lion 2 deceive! and many will b led astray if they r not fully rooted n grounded on Jesus z solid rock our solid n firm foundation. Hallelujah 2 z lamb of God! *

mtgirl 21.02.09 - 09:17pm
Hi carla, you are so rite. *

koolide 22.02.09 - 04:23am
Sisters i haue agree on the bibles saids the antichrist is getting euer thing ready to set up lets stay pray up pack up ready dont let snot be decevie an take that mark an be lost *

salimuha 22.05.13 - 10:17pm
Thanks very much my email adress *

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